Enhancing the User Experience

Today’s website surfer loses interest quickly. So quickly, in fact, that a website only has a few nanoseconds to make that crucial first impression.

If your website doesn’t immediately engage the visitor, hold his or her interest, and convert the browser to a customer, we can help. At WebLight Media, we design professional, visually compelling websites that instantly define our clients’ services, enhance their credibility and funnel visitors to their immediate call to action.

By aligning design, messaging and technology to core service offerings, we help clients grow sales and save time on marketing efforts by connecting them with customers that care about their services. 

Our Website Design services include:

  • Interactive Design
    • An interactive website design creates a user experience that engages visitors on a whole different level. Presenting your content in a way that amuses and stimulates the senses gives visitors a reason to stay longer and increases the likelihood that they will buy from you.
  • Engaging Content
    • Website content includes both written and visual communications. Both must uphold your company’s brand promise while giving the visitor reason to stay. From the original information architecture (or navigation) to the carefully chosen words, images, videos and more, we make sure your content works harmoniously with the design for a seamless and engaging user experience.
  • Online Training Modules
    • Virtual training modules are a great way to increase your customer base. Educating potential customers helps them quickly learn more about your products/services and makes them more likely to buy from you. Online training modules can be delivered through newsletters, videos, Google Hangouts, downloadable presentations and more.
  • Mobile-Ready Websites
    • Did you know Google punishes sites in SEO rankings that are not optimized for mobile devices? Google wants everyone who searches for anything on Google to have a positive user experience. We make sure your site is quick loading and easily readable so visitors enter quickly and stay longer.
  • Content Management Systems
    • The days of the dedicated Webmaster are behind us. These days, user-friendly content management systems and website platforms enable businesses to make smaller website updates on their own. At WebLight Media, we develop custom websites using tools that anyone in a business can learn to easily add new pages, text and images, change menus, and more. In fact, we provide the training.
  • Continuous Improvement
    • Once initial designs are complete, many of our clients choose to continue their partnership with us. For these clients, we conduct routine design audits in which a variety of testing tools (e.g., heat mapping, A/B testing) are used to subtlety adjust layouts, calls to action, visual hierarchy and more. This process of continuous improvement creates websites that have the functionality and advanced programming to more effectively attract leads, engage visitors and increase revenue.