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Social Media Services

Social media marketing (SMM) is a proven digital strategy that increases brand awareness. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms give you access to 4 billion users worldwide. When managed correctly, your social media presence allows you to connect and engage directly with customers, establish relationships, and drive traffic to your site.

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Our Process

Social media services are essential to digital branding and marketing success. We use our expertise to help your businesses thrive.

Step #1
Step #1

Conduct Your Social Media Audit

Before we customize your social media marketing strategy, we review and analyze your existing presence. We compare your current digital promotions with industry and competitors’ strategies. We evaluate your content’s tone to determine how and why your posts either perform well or fail to meet their desired reach. We also research relevant hashtags, trends, and target market demographics. Our audit helps us customize a social media strategy that works best for your business.

  • Comprehensive Social Media Analysis
  • Social Media Strategy Recommendations

Step #2
Step #2

Identify Your Social Media Strategy

Each social media platform provides a distinctive environment and user demographic. We maximize our efforts by determining which platforms are right for promoting your business. We assess each platform’s compatibility based on your goals and social media content. We evaluate your target audience and establish a presence on the platforms they use.

  • Define Goals & Social Media Content Strategy
  • Use Platforms Best Suited for Your Business & Target Audience

Step #3
Step #3

Develop Your Social Media Content

We create content that speaks to your social medial followers because we know who they are. We identify them by evaluating your page insights, follower demographics, and other available performance metrics. This raw social media data helps us create a target persona. It accurately reflects those people who currently interact with your page and are likely to respond to your posts.

Target audiences see themselves in persona-inspired graphics, videos, blogs, and other social media content. When carefully crafted, your content successfully promotes follower engagement, conveys your marketing messages, and ultimately strengthens your brand. To ensure that all content reflects your company’s goals, we seek your input and approval before any post goes live.

  • Build Target Persona
  • Map Out Key Messages & Content

Step #4
Step #4

Build Your Content Calendar

Fresh content keeps social media users engaged, but it works best when you follow an established plan. A calendar encourages you to visualize, create, and organize content on a regular schedule. This helps you maintain contact with your target market, and it provides new opportunities for meaningful interaction.

  • Visualize Your Strategy
  • Big-Picture Content Planning

Step #5
Step #5

Monitor & Optimize Your Social Media Accounts

As your social media strategists, we commit to improving your brand’s performance. We evaluate outcomes by monitoring each platform for quantifiable results. We track follows, likes, comments, shares, and other key performance indicators (KPIs.) These engagement metrics provide guidance for optimizing your social media strategy and improving your business results.

  • Track and Analyze Social Media KPIs
  • Optimize Social Media Accounts and Content

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What are the types of Social Media Content?

Website Content

Content that serves a specific purpose: business and service descriptions, informative blog posts, biographies, portfolio items, photo galleries, contact information, and calls to action.


Inspirational content

Non-promotional content that helps keep users engaged: inspirational quotes, little-known facts, personal stories, jokes, videos, and images.


Educational content

Information that informs: infographics, training videos, free resources, FAQs, case studies, how-to posts, and informative videos.



Interactive content

Content that invites participation: games, quizzes, infographics, polls, videos, contests, open-ended questions, and caption this photo.


Connecting content

Content that informs users about your company and products: Customer stories, product previews, requests for opinions or feedback, offers or discounts.


Entertaining content

Experiences that invite users to join in the fun: puzzles, holiday-related content, viral videos, jokes, comics, contests, and giveaways.