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Kids grow. It’s just a fact of life that Daycare Centers have turnover and so does their staff. The Learning Center needed constant student enrollment and new qualified employees. The problem was that their current agency was in Florida. They were so-called “specialists in daycare center lead generation” but they were unresponsive and weren’t sending any leads their way. Also, the website was outdated and the tools they were using were not doing them any favors either.

When the owner of the Learning Center started asking for website design company referrals, three different business owners recommended WebLight Media! It was easy to get right in and get started with the redesign and new lead generation tools.



The Learning Center


March 7th, 2019

Project type

Website Redesign
Lead Generation
Google Business Profile Management
Inhouse Tools Integration

Step 1

Website Redesign

In updating The Learning Center website, we identified several critical areas that needed attention. Our website redesign strategy addressed each of these goals simply and effectively. 

  • An Updated Look
  • An Engaging Design
  • SEO optimization
  • Student Lead Generation 
  • Staff Recruitment Feature
  • Effective Marketing 

WebLight Media redesigned the TLC website from the ground up. We added new features and optimized the site to increase viewers and engagement.

Multiple Locations

The TLC website provides easily accessible information for multiple locations. Dropdown menus on the homepage allow visitors to view and select their desired location. A simple click takes them to the information specific to that location, such as hours of operation, contact details, and a list of services offered. The site’s navigation tools make it easy for users to find what they need.

Video Header

We use video headers as they are a great way to grab attention and engage site visitors. They also help to improve conversions as they inspire more interaction than text or images. Video headers help The Learning Center create a more personal connection with website visitors. They allow them to see and hear the people behind the website.


Consistent blogging encourages ongoing interaction and engagement because it adds fresh content to the TLC website. By creating interesting and informative posts, the site attracts readers who comment, share, and subscribe. Blogs also help build relationships with readers and other bloggers, and they promote the website to a wider audience.

Step 2

Google Business Profile Management

With four locations and two company names The Learning Centers Google Business Profile pages, we’re all over the place. They were unclaimed, claimed with nonfunctioning email addresses, and some had duplicate listings. None of the listings were optimized.
WebLight Media is a specialist in Google Business Profile management and optimization. We quickly claimed and removed the duplicate listings and optimized a GBP for The Learning Center’s primary keywords. We uploaded videos and photos and started posting enrollment incentives twice a month to the listings–which Google loves! We then integrated elements into their back-end software to send review requests to all of TLC’s happy parents. These steps improved their organic ranking and bring scores of new customers to their website every month.

Step 3


At WebLight Media we’re specialists at bringing new employees into a business. We’re not a recruitment firm but we understand the basics of platforms like Indeed, Glassdoor, and Career Builder. Our high-conversion landing pages make great promotional recruiting tools. We’re also expert form builders so your printed and PDF application forms can now be online to appeal to the next generation of employees.

Step 4

Docusign Integration

The Learning Center needed a web design company that was experienced with online tools. They just didn’t have the time or the skill to do it themselves. DocuSign was one of these tools. They needed a company to digitize their printed enrollment documents and rules and regulation forms. They also wanted them executable online so parents could enroll their children quickly. DocuSign provides a simple process to get enrollments up and running in a single day.