Complete Online Marketing Makeover

The Health Consultants Group

New Reviews Generated


New Website Traffic


Everything but the Kitchen Sink!

The Health Consultants Group had thousands of loyal Employee Benefits customers but virtually no online presence. They wanted to provide more online information to their current customers and bring on new companies. They came to WebLight Media with an old website design and no Social presence. We proposed a website redesign, a Social Media campaign, and a PPC ad campaign. 


The Health Consultants Group


June 15th, 2017

Project type

Online Marketing

Step 1

Website Redesign

HCG’s website was cutting-edge when it was first created, but ten years had passed since its initial design. That’s equivalent to 50 years in internet time! The Flash plugin had been discontinued, so it was time for a new website. HCG offers a large number of services, products, and benefits. Like similar insurance websites, it was notoriously cluttered, so we asked, “What do you really want to sell?” The answer was “Employee Benefits”, so we built the site around that.

Onsite SEO

We implemented onsite SEO by optimizing the HCG website for relevant keywords. We improved the site’s structure and content, and we built backlinks wherever possible. As a result, their website’s ranking has improved in search engine results pages (SERPs). They have also seen an increase in website traffic and leads.

Video Header

We used video header to enhance the client’s home page. This helped provide a more engaging and interactive experience for visitors. Videos also helps to showcase a client’s services in a visually appealing way. This assists with leads and encourages conversions and interactions.


Site analytics track and measure user behavior on the HCG website. They document which pages users visit most often, how long they stay on the site, and where they come from. This information is essential for developing future website design strategies, as well as content, and marketing campaigns.

Step 2

Review Generation

Getting reviews is hard, especially for an Insurance company. At first it was just crickets! But then we broke the review requests up by broker, so the requests were coming from them, not the main company. Then we timed the review requests to the renewal date, just after the brokers had spoken with them. Success! Five years later HCG has a 5 Star average and 158 reviews! That’s over 100 more than their closest competitor! 

Step 4

Social Media

We helped the Health Consultant Group build a thriving social media presence. It allows them to connect with potential clients, build relationships, and share their expertise. Social media platforms provide a visible outlet for promoting services, answering questions, and providing client support.

Step 4

Portrait Photography

The photography on the HCG website adds visual appeal that increases client engagement and boosts interaction. Images tell a vibrant, personal story that connects with customers on an emotional level, and they help establish credibility.