Website Redesign, Onsite SEO, & Review Management

Ace Auto body Inc.

New Reviews Generated

“I used to pay for Yellow Pages Ads but now with my new SEO Website and so many reviews, I don’t need to advertise at all.

Customers are constantly coming in saying I came up first for Hartford Auto Body Repair. Then they saw the great reviews and chose us – no brainer!”

~ Kevin Clavette, Owner Ace AutoBody

Step 1

Website Redesign

Ace Auto Body came to us five years after the site was launched and asked, “Should we do an onsite SEO refresh?” We took a look and said no, you’re all set. You’re ranking #1 for all your keywords in Hartford. The SEO work we did when we created the site 6 years ago has only gotten stronger with age!

Onsite SEO

SEO is essential to producing organic web traffic. Each step of our website design process reflects this reality. We used relevant keywords, structure, content, and backlinks to optimize the Ace Auto Body site. As a result, its ranking in search engine results exceeded expectations. Ever since the website went live, it has remained competitive and generated traffic, leads, and conversions.

Video Header

Video headers add live action to the Ace Auto Body website and give it a bold sense of identity. The brief videos provide a more engaging and interactive experience for visitors. They showcase the client’s location and provide a bird’s eye view of technicians and repair experts in action. This strong visual presentation encourages customer conversions.


Site analytics measure how users interact with the Ace Auto Body website. They track which pages visitors view most often, how long they stay on the site, and where they come from. This data is crucial for devising future website design strategies, content, and marketing.

Step 2

Review Generation

Review Generation was time-consuming and slow-going for Ace Auto Body. So we leveraged our Review Generation platform to send 3 emails to each of his customers. We timed them to arrive as soon as they saw what an awesome job Ace did on their car. Ace Details all their customers’ cars so it looks like they came right off the showroom floor. And who doesn’t like that new car smell? So it’s the perfect time to request a review. It works all the time!

Step 3

Drone Video Shoot

Ace Auto Body did a massive renovation of the outside of their building including a 30 foot mural of their logo. WebLight Media jumped at the chance to do some drone flybys of their building to put together their new Video header.