Integrating Your Business and Website

It’s a big internet with lots of solutions. We make sure the right tools are engaged to produce the best solution to our clients’ challenges. Our interactive and programming team works closely with our content, marketing and design specialists to ensure each project functions correctly and has the appropriate user interface for the target audience. We also perform a thorough integration assessment to determine how your company can incorporate business processes into its online presence to enhance the customer experience and lower operating costs. 

Our integration and development services include:

  • Technical Planning
    • There’s no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to integrating your website into your business processes. Creating the right web functionality requires a strategic technical plan. At WebLight Media, our programmers and developers take a comprehensive look at the main points in your business and devise a plan for easing your pain with smart technology.
  • Custom Programming
    • Most of the functionality our clients need is automatically built into their sites. At WebLight Media, we have a wealth of experience in custom website functionality and can include specific features that are outside the usual website toolkit, such as database manipulation, interactive models and demos, and more.
  • Front-end and Back-end Development
    • “Front-end” refers to the parts of a website that users see. “Back-end” development is accomplished with use of server-side languages and databases that interact with front-end code and make everything on the website function correctly. At WebLight Media, we design engaging user interfaces (UI) that hold your visitors’ attention and integrate your business functions into your online presence to improve the overall customer experience and decrease your operating expenses.
  • Ecommerce
    • If you want to sell products directly from your website, WebLight Media can help. Not only do we help you attract potential customers to your site, we help you entice them to buy from you. We also provide all the functionality you need to accept orders online, process payments and communicate those orders to a fulfillment center if needed. We can even integrate other business functions into the online process, such as customer service, returns and process warranty claims and more.