The Amazingly Cool and Easy to Use “Google My Business”

Want to improve your local presence in Google Maps and Google Search? Sorting through the maze of Google products like Google Places, Google Maps, Google Analytics and Google+ Local used to be a confusing and time-sucking task, but with Google My Business, it’s a breeze.

A bit of History

Google Places was the longstanding king of your […]

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How Can Pinterest Drive Traffic to Your Website?

Wondering if Pinterest is right for your company? Ask yourself these three questions:

Is your company B2C (business to consumer)?
Do you have a visually appealing product?
Are you already spending time improving the look of your product for your website or marketing campaigns?

If you answered “Yes” to all three questions, then Pinterest is a no-brainer for your company. Adding it […]

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Adding a copyright year to your WordPress website footer that will stay updated

With the fresh new year upon us, have you found yourself having to remember to update the copyright at the bottom of your WordPress website? If so, this blog post is for you!!

Happy new year!

NOTE: This is an advanced WordPress instruction. To add a copyright year to your footer (in PHP) that will stay updated […]

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Have a lot of great ideas for your new website?

To keep your site from having a ridiculous release date of next year, limit the scope to a time period that is doable and contains the core of your message. Once your site is live, you can continue to update and embellish it.Visitors will appreciate your site is a living, growing part of your […]

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Quicktip: Drive more traffic to your website

If you keep track of your website statistics and are looking to increase the number of visitors to your website, you’ll find that writing truly helpful articles is only half of the equation.

Your website is an island until you build bridges out to the world.

How do you reach your audience? You can […]

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MAMP and Location of the mySQL dump path

I’ve been using MAMP which has allowed me to develop my WordPress sites locally. I’ve recently installed the wp-dbmanager in order to do backups before doing major changes to a test site and had trouble finding the mySQL dump path. Thanks to the help from Adrian Tomic, I was able to set the dump path […]

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Creating & using “Child Themes” in WordPress

If you find yourself liking most of a theme and just want to change a few aspects of it – and they haven’t allowed for CSS updates within the user interface, then a “child theme” is for you!

Why create a child theme?
Why not just change the theme and be done with it? Well… to get […]

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How to install a plugin

Today, I will show you how to install a WordPress plugin to your site. This plugin allows you to add functional forms that allow people to contact you through your website. ~ Enjoy!

Installing a Plugin
In this video lesson, we will install a Plugin called “FormBuilder”. This plugin enables you to easily add custom forms to […]

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NextGen Gallery hack

If you have installed the NextGen Gallery & find it slightly annoying the page scrolls back to the top when you’re clicking back to the page, here is the fix you’re looking for:

FTP to your site and find the following file:

Search for and comment out the following two lines: = ”;


Unfortunately, if you auto-update the […]

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Looking to link your website to the social media sites you use?

Install & activate the “Social Media Widget” to connect your WordPress site to the social media sites you keep up with. This is a very flexible and comprehensive widget! See the links to the right for examples. (Note: none are active links. They are activated simply as an example.)

Once you activate the plug-in, you have […]

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